Kinvara 11

A lightweight feel for a Personal Best.
For those working hard to achieve their goals, the lightweight Kinvara 11 has been whittled to be exactly what one needs to be efficient, go fast, chase PRs, and break personal barriers.

Feels light & fast
New PWRRUN cushioning maintains the lightweight responsiveness that makes this shoe a favorite for daily training miles or racing longer distances.

Like a push forward
This flexible sole is designed to quickly transition from landing to take-off.

Disappears on foot
FORMFIT conforms to your foot to provide the perfect fit and feel from every angle.

Category: Neutral
Offset: 4mm (28.5/24.5)
Weight: Men 7.8oz (233g) | Women 6.9oz (200g)
US Sizes: Men 7-13, 14, 15 | Women 5-12